Monday, 14 December 2015

Introducing Studs and Steel...

Introducing the cast of Studs and Steel... Meet Peyton McKenzie...

I blinked. Looking around I brought the room into focus. Holy hell. What the hell had happened to me this time? And how many times was I going to actually wake up after an incident before I stopped waking up?
I turned by head and squinted at the unfamiliar voice, “Who are you?” I croaked.
“I’m DC Fletcher – Tatum Fletcher – and I’ve been assigned to your case – I’m here to help you – not to judge you, so please – speak to me freely and I’ll do what I can to protect you while you’re in my custody.”
I frowned at him, “Seriously?” I asked, “You’re here to protect me?”
He nodded, “Of course.” He said, “It’s kind of my job.”
I raised an eyebrow, “Kind of?”
He shrugged, “I may have a personal interest in your case – since I believe my brother used to know you.”I blinked. Fear clenched in my stomach. Holy hell – was he going to wreak revenge on me from the inside so to speak? Had they actually infiltrated the justice system somehow? “I’m quite sure I have no idea what you are talking about.”
He smirked, “No – you wouldn’t – sorry – I’ll explain. We kind of adopted him – Sam Grundy.”
My jaw dropped, my heart started slamming painfully against my already battered and bruised ribs. “Sam?” I whispered, “My Sam?” I’d finally found him?
He gave me a hard stare, making me wonder if he knew about Sam and me. “I doubt it.” He said, “But that’s not my decision to make – I’ve told him you’re here – what happens between you two is your business – but I can promise you here and now – you mess with his head and his happiness, you’re dead meat – you get me?”
I had absolutely no doubt that he meant every word. I nodded, “I get you.” I said.

Peyton McKenzie... Peyton... Protected, Studs and Steel #1 Coming Autumn 2016