Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Oh Happy Day (Oh Happy Day) Oh Happy Daa-a-ay!!!

Good Morning!
And what a perfect day it is too.
Always a bonus when I have the day off anyway - but glorious sunshine and temperatures promising to hit the mid twenties - what more can a girl ask for?
I'm sitting here this morning, squinting at my screen as the sun streams in through my windows - making a lovely smoky haze since I burned the toast... :/
I've opened the windows - I'm sure it'll clear soon, ahem!
I'm planning the next book in the Seltham series, following Amethyst's Dating Game and I've got a few decent ideas going on.
It's also turning into a planning the book after that, since there'll be too much going on in the one book otherwise. So look out for Bradley's Bad Decision, since I think I've decided on that being the next one...unless I come up with something else in the meantime!