Friday, 9 September 2011

New Book Covers

I've been giving my Seltham Community College ebooks a facelift. I don't feel that the front covers as they currently stand make it obvious that they are part of a series, so I'm working on a "Seltham Community College #1,2,3" etc. They're working quite well and I'll get them uploaded soon.
I've been working on my Three Wishes story today, which is about Kit the Genie and it's coming on quite well. I can't see this being quite as long as my usual story length's so it will fit in nicely with my short stories I think - we'll see. It might get more novella sized...
Also working on Amethyst and The Chosen One, but since I'm at work (the day job - boooo!) most of next week, I can't see me getting much done :(
I will of course, keep you posted on developments...
Laters xx