Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Just a short update to let you know what to look out for in the coming months....

Something Stupid, Inevitable and What Happens with Vegas...

These three will all hit the virtual shelves by March 2015

Conner raised an eyebrow. “Did you do something stupid?” he asked with the ghost of a smile.
I nodded maintaining my no-eye-contact fa├žade, “Yup,” I sighed.
He brightened and sat forward in his seat, “What? You mean… did you actually tell her?” he sounded pleased and incredulous all at the same time.
I rubbed my eyes and looked up at him sheepishly; I was never any good at the whole no-eye-contact thing anyway, “Yup,”
He looked hopefully at me, “And?” he asked with a hint of a smile.
I looked at the two eager faces before me. There wasn’t a trace of gleeful mickey taking in either of them. They both knew the way I’d felt about Skye back in school and sixth form – hell, sad git that I am, they knew that I’d never felt that way about anyone since too.
I shrugged, “She already knew,” I said. 

 Pete came dashing around the corner and jogged towards us when he saw that we were still waiting for him. His eyes lit up and a slow lazy grin stretched across his face, “Hey, guys!” he said delightedly, “You waited.”
We all rolled our eyes and muttered amongst ourselves good-naturedly. He slung his arm around me and kissed the top of my head, “I knew you’d wait for me,” he said with a laugh, “’cause you can’t resist me since I saved your life.”
I snorted and punched him, “Yeah, right Peter – you keep telling yourself that!”
He grinned at me, “Admit it.” He said, “You love me for looking after you so well last week.”
I laughed, “It’s true – I do love you,” I said, “You’re like the big brother I never had, but I can categorically assure you that I will never fall in love with you.”
He put his hand to his heart and gave me a mock wounded look, “You know how to break a guy’s heart.” He said.

My name is Vegas McKenzie and I am officially a screw-up. It should be tattooed on my forehead, no seriously…

Everyone (Tyler especially) thinks I have the most amazing girlfriend in the whole world – Daisy Oldham. And you know – if you don’t scratch the surface too much, it’s kind of true – she is pretty incredible – she’s beautiful and smart and funny and sexy. So what’s the problem? Weren’t you paying attention? I am.