Saturday, 28 June 2014

Operation Boyfriend Series...

 Damn it was hot night – and my stupidly tight skinny jeans were making my legs feel like they were on fire. I was very grateful for my ripped tee shirt I can tell you. The weathermen had promised us a really hot night too – it wasn’t gonna drop past twenty degrees – scorcher! Still, as hot as it was, I wasn’t gonna miss a chance to hold her hand – or to hold her in my arms and dance with her. I grabbed her hand as we walked down to the bus stop. “You look lovely,” I blurted out. I grinned embarrassedly at her. Jeez, I really had to rein it in – I was being a total doofus around her tonight.

Dallas...Out Now!
 “Dance with me.” I murmured.
Celeste looked up, confusion clouding her eyes, “What?” she asked looking a little bit bewildered at my request.
“Dance with me,” I repeated, holding my hands out to her.
She put her hands in mine and allowed me to pull her up, “There’s no music,” she said, wiping her eyes and looking at me as if I was mad and she was probably right – I wasn’t what you could really call normal, was I?
I nodded, “I don’t need music – I can imagine that,” I said softly, pulling her into me, “But I want to dance with you.” 
She nodded, “I get it.” She said with a smile, “And I hear the music too…”

James...coming soon
“I’m gonna fight again this weekend.” I said to her one day when we were sitting outside under the trees – it was really hot and coming up to our final exams for the year. The end of year party was coming up fast and I wondered who she was going with – Savannah never really seemed to be dating anyone and I wondered if she’d like to go with me – just as mates of course. I hadn’t quite got around to plucking up the courage to ask her yet though.
She looked at me with wide eyes. “Are you mad?” she asked.
I grinned at her, “Probably.” I said with a laugh. “Think it runs in the family.”

Tyler...coming soon