Thursday, 12 June 2014

Friends, The Extended Version...

“I’ve met this really nice guy.” I twirled my hair around my finger as I chatted on the phone with Carry-Ann.
She was silent for a moment and then she asked, “What – you’re going out with him?” was that tiny silence significant? And was she sounding more horrified than merely interested? Should I ask after James? Did I really want to jeopardise any hope of being his girlfriend by accepting a date with Steve?
“Not yet.” I said with a sigh, “But he’s really nice, you know – and well…” I trailed off. James has never asked.
She asked me all about him then and I got quite excited to be able to talk about a guy that was actually interested in me like that. As much as I loved James – more than anything in the whole world if I’m going to be honest – he’d never once shown me any sign of wanting me to be anything more than friends – and I wanted so much more than that.
I left it for a few days – surely Carry-Ann would tell the others that I’d met a guy. Surely if James wanted me, now would be the time for him to stake his claim. I stared at my phone willing it to ring. Please call me.
It never rang. I went to class and Steve smiled at me, sending a little thrill through me that he really liked me.
He came over to me after class, “I’ve got tickets to that band you said you liked.” He grinned hopefully.

I looked at the tickets. Oh, my God… one of my absolute favourites. I grinned up at him. “That is so cool,” I replied excitedly. And that was it – we were going out…