Monday, 21 April 2014

Phase 5....Coming Soon

...It’s been five years since I first looked into Stan’s glorious black eyes.
Five years has neither dimmed his beauty, nor my feelings for him.
Five years has however, changed this planet beyond recognition for us. It’s not physically changed; of course it hasn’t – it’s still perfectly habitable and a perfectly normal place to live for most humans – in fact I doubt they’ve noticed any changes at all since they’re quite the most unobservant species. I’m not saying humans aren’t intelligent – of course they are and some are just as observant as we are – just that they won’t have noticed anything that isn’t affecting them directly. In fact, save for the enhanced technology that keeps making advances; newer versions of stuff, changes in politics, news reports getting increasingly more depressing I’d be amazed if they’d noticed any differences at all…
Most of the population are continuing their lives in perfect oblivion to the war that is raging around them. No – the changes that we’ve noticed are entirely to do with people like us – hybrids.
In the beginning it seemed like there was only Stan and I. We soon caught on to the fact that there were a few others; Amie of course and Milo, our closest friends, and Saffron.
Dad had told me there would likely be more of them and he and some other like-minded scientists, who wanted us kept out of the spot-light had set up a project to find any others that may be living out their lives on Earth.
No one, however, had any idea of the numbers we were dealing with; but all the evidence we had gathered over the last few years pointed to the numbers being in the thousands.
This wouldn’t usually be a problem, but we also had overwhelming evidence that a very small number of the hybrids had gone rogue – it was a race against time to save the innocent – and to bring the activities of the guilty to an end…. but of course, this was just the beginning…

Yes, things had changed beyond all recognition – Phase Five, it would seem, had seen to that…

Molly Stanley