Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Yes, I'm sure you're getting sick of my obsession with Stan - but it's not going away any time soon!
I'm currently adding in chapters that I feel were missing when I read through the whole thing - and also a lengthy explanation of how Stan knows something in the final chapters that hadn't been explained at all!
I love the editing bit - you find all the things that make you go 'what the...?????'
So once I've finished my adding and deleting and saving for later etc etc I shall be looking at uploading it to the very wonderful Smashwords.com for distribution! Can't wait!
I'm doing really well with Stan - In His Own Words (the same book only from his point of view) too. It's coming on a treat.
Stan - Remember Me... will probably be out around about July-August. I've made a decent start but life has just got ridiculously busy and I have no time to myself at the moment - grrrr!!!
I don't know if I've already mentioned - the third and final in my Stan series will be called Stan - New Beginnings...make of that what you will!