Thursday, 5 May 2011

Stan, Remember Me...

I have almost finished "Stan" and I am working on the follow up, "Stan, Remember Me..." at the moment. I am incredibly excited about this trilogy. I really think it's the best thing I've ever written.
I've also written the first book, Stan entirely from Stan's point of view as well, so after I have completed both "Stan" (from Molly's point of view - the original) and "Remember Me," I will get his story out there too. I'm not sure what I'll call it at the moment. I'm still working on that one!
I've decided that the last one in the trilogy is going to be called "Stan, New Beginnings..." but I haven't even started writing that one yet - that plot is currently running through my head at a million miles an hour and I haven't caught up with it yet to capture it and wrestle it to the ground! (well that's what it feels like sometimes!)
Although Stan has completely taken over my life right now, I will get back to the "Chosen One" some time soon and I occasionally check back into Seltham Community College to see what the students are up to - you can expect "Amethyst's Dating Game" to be available for download from Smashwords around the end of July. See you later xx