Monday, 31 July 2017

Simon Spellbound... Coming Soon...

 “Let go of my arm dude.”
That was it. I’d heard enough… I shot out of my seat and rounded the corner, “You heard him.” I snarled, “Let go of my friend’s arm.” I’d acted on instinct and well before I’d even had a good look at the aggressor. I wasn’t unduly worried – being a rugby player I was pretty well built and strong enough to take on pretty much anyone – that said, I wasn’t a street-fighter kind of guy and I wouldn’t dream of carrying a knife – but I knew nothing of this guy... At this point I still hadn’t even looked at the guy being manhandled – as much as I knew, he might have been able to totally take care of himself for as much notice I’d taken before wading in. It was a terrible weakness of mine...
I decided to check at that moment and I’m not gonna lie to you, my knees about buckled when he looked around at me with a slightly surprised look on his beautiful face. Holy shit, Date Guy was the most beautiful guy I’d ever laid eyes on – and since he was on a date with another guy – I was guessing that he must also be gay…
The bully left as he looked up, and up again (six feet five – what can I say? I’m huge) and Date Guy smiled up at me, “Thanks.” He said, “I was handling it – but thanks anyway.”
I smiled back at him, my heart in my mouth. He had dark wavy hair and dark brown eyes that I swear were made up with mascara and a little guy liner – something I’d only used when I was staying over at a friend’s house or when Mum and Dad were away on business. They would totally freak if they saw me wearing anything other than jeans and a tee shirt and make up was definitely not an option at him – it was something they would never accept in a million years.
Date Guy was looking at me with open interest but I had no idea what I was going to do now that I’d charged in and helped – I was utterly crap at the whole chatting up thing. I’d never come out to anyone in the family other than my brother, Buzz, and I was terrified of anyone ever finding out. Still, there was something about this particular guy that I couldn’t help being drawn to. I stuck my hand out – I know, I know – I’m way too formal and old before my time… “Glad to be of help,” I said, “My name is Simon.”
His answering smile made my heart beat even faster. He grabbed my offered hand and pumped it, “I’m Bailey.” He said, “It’s really nice to meet you.”

Simon... Simon Spellbound... Coming Autumn 2017...

And then the one you've been waiting for... Seth Saved... It could go either way....

I’ve got to be honest, I can hardly remember what Rob was saying for most of the interview. I was far too aware of Seth’s presence in the room. I hadn’t expected that he’d be part of the interview process and I was horribly nervous. I probably made a total tit of myself with the way I stuttered and stammered my way through the whole thing but I must have said or done something right – because I got the job anyway.
I remember everything Seth said; the way his eyes crinkled in the corners when he smiled, even thought they were still awfully sad-looking. My heart squeezed painfully in my chest for him – I just wanted to see him happy again.
He had the most deliciously deep voice when he spoke, although his tone was soft and almost melodious. He advised me that I should make my boundaries clear from the outset – if I didn’t want punters touching or assuming that I was up for anything once I’d climbed down from my podium for my break – that I was to be firm with them – and the easiest way was to probably make up a boyfriend, “Unless you already have one, of course – and then it’s real easy.” He smiled again and raised one perfectly groomed eyebrow.
My dick instantly took an interest. Was he subtly checking if I was dating?
I nodded, “Yeah, good idea.” I said, “I don’t really fancy the idea of being mauled...”
Rob chuckled, “Well, you say that now – wait until the pheromones hit you.”
I shot a slightly alarmed look at Seth who grinned back at me and shook his head, “Relax, Joel – I’ll be right behind the bar every night – if you need help, just shout.”
I nodded. “Thanks.” I said. I would definitely be shouting...
Rob eyed me with interest, “So, do you have a boyfriend?” he asked, “Or is that too presumptuous of me – you could of course have a girlfriend.”
I nodded, “I could have a girlfriend,” I agreed, “Since I haven’t really decided if I’m gay or bi yet,” I shrugged, “But I’m not really into labels – I just fancy who I fancy, you know?”
Rob smiled, “Yeah,” he said, “My son’s like that – he dated one of the regular dancers, River, for a while – but now he has a wife and a child.” He shrugged, “Live and let live, I say.”
Well, that was a refreshing attitude.
Seth had gone quiet. I sneaked a sideways glance at him and saw that he was looking down at his hands. There were tears in his eyes and to my dismay, one rolled down his cheek.
I swear, if Rob hadn’t been there, I’d have shot out of my seat and wrapped him in a hug. I’d have kissed away his tears and got him to talk about it. He needed to get it out of his system. His girlfriend had been dead for a year... He needed someone else to fill the void she’d left...
He needed me.

Joel... Seth Saved... Coming Late 2017/Early 2018...