Wednesday, 1 March 2017

He's on his way...

Holy shit. The cute, drunk, performing arts student with the beautiful eyes was totally coming on to me. What the hell was I supposed to do about that?
“Fine.” I finally agreed after battling my conscience for what seemed like forever, “You can come back to my place if you like – but be warned – my dog, Zac will probably lick you to death and I have a rule about not sleeping with guys that are drunk. You are in the spare room, my friend.”
He smiled and nodded, “Oh, my God!” he clapped his hands – actually clapped his hands, “I love dogs! What sort of dog is he?”
I grinned. It was always nice to meet someone who shared my affinity for dogs, “He’s a blue roan cocker spaniel.”
“Oh, my God!” he beamed at me, his eyes widening as he started to excitedly tell me about his own dog, “I have a black Patterdale terrier called Gumdrop – well, she’s at my parents since I wasn’t allowed to bring her to uni with me...” His little face fell and he looked so sad I wanted to gather him in my arms and kiss him better – and suggest that Gumdrop came to live with me and Zac. Holy shit! What the hell was wrong with me tonight? Had he bewitched me somehow? What the hell had happened to me? The twink was totally bringing out my protective side.

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