Sunday, 11 September 2016

Coming Soon....

“Rumours are once again circulating about Micha Portobello and Leo Santiago’s sexuality since there have been eye-witness reports of the two gorgeous young men having dinner together at a top restaurant and Leo was also believed to have been at the race when Micha suffered his career threatening crash...”
I shook my head as I read the newspaper story. Seriously. They didn’t half exaggerate stuff... I picked up my phone to call Micha and warn him that the paparazzi were onto us but my phone was already ringing. “Hello?”
“Leo Santiago?” An unfamiliar voice asked.
I frowned, “Who is this?” I asked.
“Francis Baker, Daily Post – can I ask you a few questions about your relationship with Micha Portobello.”
I closed my eyes and counted to ten, “No, you may not.” I said as politely as I could before I hung up the phone. I quickly called Micha.
“Leo?” he said, “Oh, thank God you called – you have to keep a low profile, man – they’re onto us.”

A prickle of something close to annoyance went down my spine. I already knew that – forced into the closet because of his stupid management team. “Yeah,” I said, “I’d already gathered that one – not exactly easy though when I work at two of the most high profile places in the area – and it’s not as if I can’t go into work – I need the money, Micha.” Something you just wouldn’t understand...