Wednesday, 13 May 2015

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Damn it was a hot night – and my stupidly tight skinny jeans were making my legs feel like they were on fire. I was very grateful for my ripped tee shirt I can tell you. The weathermen had promised us a really hot night too – it wasn’t gonna drop past twenty degrees – scorcher! Still, as hot as it was, I wasn’t gonna miss a chance to hold her hand – or to hold her in my arms and dance with her. I grabbed her hand as we walked down to the bus stop. “You look lovely,” I blurted out. I grinned embarrassedly at her. Jeez, I really had to rein it in – I was being a total doofus around her tonight...

Dallas...Operation Boyfriend...Out Now!

 I sat and stared into space. I wasn’t really thinking about anything, which was rather nice for a change – it really didn’t happen very often. I mostly had to force myself to not think about Sean and what I’d done to him – but since I’d met Celeste here last week I had to admit that my quiet moments had actually been spent thinking about her – what she was doing – why she came to see Ellis – what made her tick… Shit – I was in all kinds of trouble now – I was falling – for her…

James... All Kinds of Trouble... Out Now!

I picked up my mobile phone and pressed the favourites key.

The phone took a while to answer and I bit my lip as I checked the time on the dashboard. Damn, it was way after ten o’clock. James might be busy…
He eventually answered, “What have you done this time?” came his sleepy voice.
I pinched the bridge of my nose between my finger and thumb and closed my eyes, “Remember Savannah?”
He yawned, “The tutor?”
I rubbed my eyes, “Yeah, I think I upset her.” I told him about the date from asking her out to right up until she ran away from me.
“Well, it’s obvious, isn’t it?” he asked.
Not to me it wasn’t, “Is it?” I asked, “If it’s obvious to you then please tell me what I’ve done wrong because I’m clueless, dude.”

Tyler... The Trouble with Tyler... Out Now!

She stared at me. She really didn’t get it, did she?
How could she not realise how I felt about her? How could she believe that what we had together wasn’t the most perfect thing in the world? How could she think so little of me that she thought I considered her a plaything? A toy to be discarded once a shiny new one came along?

I didn’t know what was going on with Lydia but she was definitely lying to me. She felt the same way as I did – I could see it in her eyes. She was in as much pain as I was being separated from me as I was from her. So why was she pretending otherwise?

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