Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Coming Soon...

I felt inexplicably annoyed at Dallas this morning. He’d just woken me up and immediately dropped into conversation that ‘we’ were going to meet Faith and Celeste for brunch. Didn’t I ever have a say in these things? What if I didn’t want to feel all awkward and exposed in front of the most beautiful girl on campus? What if I wanted to go still dressed in my jogging bottoms and holey top with my twatty specs instead of my contacts?
Dallas was eyeing me with glee. He knew all about my ridiculous crush on Celeste and he didn’t seem to think there was anything ridiculous about it either – in fact he thought she had a bit of thing for me too, which was at once thrilling and terrifying, and he seemed hell-bent on getting us together.
We’d had a whole conversation about it the other day on the way to class, “She’s totally into you – she told me so.”
I almost choked on my milkshake and sprayed a little onto the floor, earning me a dirty look from a group of girls that I may or may not have caught too. I smiled apologetically. Turning back to Dallas I eyed him incredulously, “Celeste Pearson?” I asked, “Faith’s mate? You can’t possibly be serious – there’s just no way.”
He nodded, “Way,” he said with a grin, “She’s great fun too – you’ll love her.”
My heart ached; I fancied her like mad – but she was definitely dating some guy – I’d seen them together a few times. I mentioned this to Dallas but he poo-poohed that straight away.
“No way – she’s just friends with him. She doesn’t really do dating at all as a matter of fact.”
Well, I could totally understand that – neither did I. I wouldn’t want to subject anyone to my madness. I couldn’t stop thinking about her though and Dallas’s words “You’ll love her,” struck a chord with me. I totally could, I was sure of it. The idea of loving her though – I couldn’t let it happen – I was bad news and I wouldn’t inflict myself in such a way on another human being for as long as I lived… “She doesn’t want a guy like me.” I murmured.

Dallas shook his head, “Dude,” he said seriously, “I beg to differ.”

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