Monday, 5 May 2014

Operation Boyfriend... Available now for pre-order - release date 30th May 2014

I'd had some outlandish ideas in the past - pretending to be Faith's boyfriend to win back her ex was just one of them - but this plan of Celeste's took some beating for just plain stupid... I looked at her in horrified disbelief, “She thinks I’m gay?” I cried indignantly before she could even invite me inside, “Why for the love of God?”
Celeste grinned and shook her head, she beckoned me inside and shut the door behind me, “I have no idea, Dallas,” she said stifling a chuckle as I discarded my jacket, “– maybe it’s the guy liner; or maybe it’s your amazing fashion sense.” She shrugged, eyeing my lime green jeans and turquoise and lime checked shirt combo, and sniggered again – maybe she had a point…
Celeste grinned “So are you going to actually listen to me this time?”
I nodded, swallowing nervously. I didn’t really have a choice – my plan was going nowhere. She grinned back at me, an evil glint in her eye. “Here’s what I think you should do…”
I bit my lip a little nervously.
“It’ll be fine,” Celeste said firmly, “We’re just playing to your strengths.” She smiled evilly. I frowned at her backhanded compliment. 
This new idea of Celeste's really wasn't what I'd planned at all - Operation Boyfriend was supposed to get Faith to realise that Danny was an idiot and for her to fall for me - how was that gonna happen if she thought I was into guys?