Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Operation Boyfriend...coming soon

“Didn’t it ever occur to you that you had the perfect boyfriend in Dallas?” she asked, eyeballing me fiercely.
Well of course it had – but he was gay – what was I supposed to do? Turn a blind eye whenever he got a new guy in his life? “I don’t follow?”

Celeste looked up at the sky muttering to herself. Finally she turned to look at me. “Dallas is not gay.” She said as if she was speaking to a small child, “He was trying to get you to fall in love with him by pretending to be your boyfriend – he was supposed to confess that to you that night at the Hub instead of breaking up as you’d agreed,” she took a deep breath and rolled her eyes again, “but he bottled it at the last minute and went with the stupid plan he made with you instead of the brilliant one he made with me.”

Faith, Operation Boyfriend...coming soon