Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Chosen One

I'm getting very excited about my Chosen One story. I really think this could be a trilogy. This could of course be because I'm sitting in my (rather chilly) conservatory and the rain is hammering on the roof and I'm listening to Taylor Swift singing "Fifteen" which I LOVE!
She always inpires me to write and today is no exception. And I don't even feel guilty for sitting doing nothing but writing because I already cleaned the bathrooms, changed the beds and hoovered all around the house - how cool is that?? Okay not so cool, but I'm feeling pretty smug right now! :)

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The Chosen One, Kit the Genie and Lauren's Magnificent Production...

Have hit a brick wall with my story about Kit the Genie, Three Wishes and have turned by attention back to The Chosen One - although I'm still not sure how this one is going to turn out - I have far too many plots going on in my head all at once!

The good news is that Lauren's Magnificent Production is very almost finished and will be published by the end of the month - through I've already started work on the next in the series and it will be called Amethyst's Dating Game - watch this space!

Having looked at Three Wishes again, I think I will shelve it for a wee while and I'll concentrate on The Chosen One - I have a bit of a thing for all things super natural and I'm rather taken with these characters - Samuel the Secret Keeper, Caitlin - the Chosen One and all those ghastly (or are they?) Dead Ones.....