Friday, 27 April 2012

release update

I'm nearing the end of Wolf Moon and hope to have this released by June 2012.
I will also be releasing The Genie and Master who loved him around this time too - it's going very well, but there's a long way to go just yet - I'm also trying to fit it around my Prom Specials and to weave in the next couple of books too.
On the historical romance front - I've got two or three in the offing. "The Duchess of Chittenden" will be my first one released - it's about Emilia and her disastrous marriage to the Duke of Chittenden, Isaac Wolseley.
The follow up to this book will be "Highway to Society" and is about Maisie Bywater - Emilia's younger sister. She falls in love with a highwayman - but he's not all he seems...
I've also three others dying to get out there to join the rest - it's a very exciting and busy time!
I'm having a ball!
Hope you're all happy and well - have a great weekend everybody!!!!
Lots of love, Heather xxx

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Hitting a wall with Wolf Moon

Don't you just hate it when that happens?
I've been tapping away - a little unethusiastically I have to say - and I don't like anything that I wrote so I've deleted the lot - the 4000 or so words I've done - not the whole thing!
I'm having a break now - writing something else for a bit before paranoia (is that the right spelling?) sets in!
So I'm going back to my hysterical historical romances for a change - I don't know if these will ever see the light of day or not at the moment, I just can't decide...
Anyway - we've had the weirdest weather this afternoon - it was lovely and sunny, then it started raining, then hailing, thunder and lightning - and now it's brightening up again! Maybe there was a Janey around casting a spell....

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Release Date Update...

My humblest apologies for missing my deadlines with the Wolf Moon and The Genie, somewhere along the way they got more complicated that I first imagined and I am still nowhere finished...
So, by my reckoning, the Wolf Moon will be completed in around a month's time - I'm figuring now on a June release date and the Genie around July.
Anyway, on a less exciting subject - I've got to go to the day job today - I've just got up to get ready and see that there isn't a cloud in the sky and the sun has got his hat firmly on his head! What the?????
Harrumph! Not happy with that at all!
The whole weekend I've been off it's been grey or worse, tipping it down with rain! Ahh well, never mind eh...I've got the whole day to myself tomorrow and I'm planning on writing for most of it!
Never a dull moment...
Have a great day and if you can, do exactly what you want to do!!!