Seltham Community College Prom Night Special 1

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Seltham Community College

Prom Night Special I


Heather Mar-Gerrison



Published by Heather Mar-Gerrison at Smashwords




Heather Mar-Gerrison

Copyright 2012





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Becky twirled round and grinned at her friends. “Ready to go?”

Julia and Hannah beamed at her. “Ready!” They chorused.

“This is so cool!” Becky grinned excitedly as the pink limo pulled up outside.

Emily hung back a little; these three were like, the best of friends with each other and she felt more than a little uncomfortable around them.

Julia looked around for her. “Come on Ems.” She smiled. “Rachel will be here in a minute with Lucy too.”

Emily frowned. “Oh, poor Lucy – Jake can’t come tonight can he?”

Julia shook her head. “No – she wasn’t thrilled about it, but she’s cool – Jake wasn’t worried either – they’re solid, those two.”

Emily nodded with a smile. “Yeah, Jake’s a great guy.” She said wistfully.

Rachel and Lucy arrived just at that moment and Emily found herself beginning to enjoy the excitement that was emanating from the rest of the girls. Maybe tonight would be fun – maybe Jenson would remember she existed…maybe…

They all made their way out of the house – Becky’s dad was ready with the camera getting shots of them all looking utterly lovely. “These’ll be on Facebook before you can blink!” he shouted excitedly as they all leaned out of the limo windows grinning from ear to ear.




They arrived at the hotel. It was a very grand looking affair, with twinkling fairy lights weaved in and out of the neatly trimmed hedges and around the entrance hall.

They followed the mass of students who had already arrived into the foyer that was dim after the brilliant sunshine of the early evening outside.

Once her eyes had adjusted to the dimness, Becky spotted Tabby across the room. Since Jamie had yet to arrive she hurried across the room to see her. She had very recently split up with her long term boyfriend and Becky had been worried about her. “I’m so glad you came tonight – it wouldn’t have felt right without you.” Becky squeezed Tabby’s arm affectionately.

Tabby smiled back. “I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.” She lied. In truth, she had forced herself to get dressed and put one foot in front of the other. She hadn’t been out for the last couple of weeks – except to go to work – but now that she was here, she really was glad that she had made the effort. The atmosphere in the room was buzzing and it was catching. She realised that she actually did feel reasonably happy tonight. Of course, she acknowledged, it could have been because she had had a really good day at work too. Ethan had been on form and had been making her laugh all day. He really was a lovely guy...




After Becky had gone in search of Jamie, Tabby looked around the room to see if she could kill some time with another one of her friends. With relief she spotted Jessie, her best friend, who was making her way across the room towards her. Robbie, Jessie’s boyfriend was close behind her and was laughing at something she’d said. Tabby’s heart constricted at the sight of her. It had never really occurred to her just how much Jessie resembled her older brother, but tonight it hit her like a ton of bricks. Jessie’s smile faltered as she got up close to Tabby and saw the look on her face. “Hey, Tabs, are you okay?”

Tabby sniffed and blinked a few times. “I’m fine, I’m fine.” She gave her friend a wobbly smile.

“I’m really sorry about my stupid brother, Tabby. I couldn’t believe it when he told me what had happened.”

“Yeah, well. I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later. I always thought he was too old for me – I mean look at me. I’m still only fifteen!”

Jessie grinned at her. “I still think he’s mad. Still – plenty more fish in the sea and all that – seen anyone good looking tonight?”

Tabby grinned, thinking about Ethan. “Not since I left work, no.” She smirked.

Jessie was scanning the room for a good looking guy for Tabby to dance with and – to Tabby’s relief – completely missed her comment.

“Oh – I can see Alice and Jayne over there – I’ll catch you later, Jess.” Tabby made her escape. She didn’t want to talk about Stefan tonight – she wanted to forget that he existed at all.

Jessie smiled understandingly. “See you later then.” She said.




Emily was stood at the bar. She’d decided to only get herself a drink. If her boyfriend couldn’t even tear himself away from the other members of the band for a moment to even say hello, she was definitely not going to buy him a drink!

Eventually he realised she was there. “Hey, Emily!” He ambled over and kissed her. “How long have you been here?”

She made a show of checking her watch. “Oh, only about an hour.” She replied icily.

“Oh, really?” Jenson looked shocked. “Sorry babe – you should have come over.”

Emily wrinkled her nose. She had spent far too much of her time with that lot over the past couple years and didn’t much like any of them. They were all the same – big-headed and conceited much like Jenson, she thought a little cattily.

But he was grinning at her with that lop-sided smile that she couldn’t help but love and she found herself grinning back.

“Wanna dance?” He asked, holding out his hand. She nodded and taking his hand, she followed him to the dance floor.

Things were great for a while, but true to form, it ended up being a typical night out with Jenson – just like any other as far as Emily was concerned. They always started well enough – Jenson always started off all attentive, but then someone would come over and ask when his next gig was and the next thing, she would be standing alone and he would be chatting away about his favourite subject – himself.

She sighed as she stood awkwardly at the side of him. He was currently stood with his back to her, chatting once again to a couple of the other members of the band – it wasn’t that she minded him talking to them – but she’d stood waiting for him to notice her for an hour already!

“Hi, Emily.” She jumped and turned as she heard someone call out her name. It was Danny Brookes, a boy from her science group.

She blushed a little as she looked up into his smiling face and darted a glance towards Jenson before she replied. “Oh, hi Danny – alright?”

His eyes twinkled as his grin widened. “Yeah, I’m fine – who’re you with?”

She grinned ruefully. “Well, believe it or not – Jenson.” She indicated over her shoulder with her thumb towards him.

Danny looked over. “Oh, yeah. I see him.” He frowned as he saw how little attention he was paying his girlfriend. “Fancy a drink or something?” he asked, treating her to his lovely grin again.

“I’m good, thanks.” She smiled at him gratefully and held up her drink.

Danny nodded. Then having run out of conversation, and a glance behind her, he mumbled something incoherent and shuffled off. Emily watched him go thinking he was really quite good looking when he was wearing a tux instead of his school uniform.

“Hey babe.” Jenson was back. He’d obviously seen Danny sniffing around and had come back to stake his claim. Emily bristled with indignation. He was always doing this. He was a right pain.

She turned towards him and opened her mouth to tell him that he couldn’t keep treating her this way, but he leaned in and kissed her and the moment was lost.




Hannah looked up at Lucas. He was so gorgeous. She’d been wondering about their relationship recently and had decided that she really wouldn’t mind taking it a little further now they were coming up to 6th form. The only thing that was stopping her broaching the subject was his absolute certainty that he didn’t want to…

He looked down at her earnest face and grinned. “Penny for your thoughts?” he teased.

Hannah blushed. “I wasn’t thinking about anything special.”

“Shame – I thought you were contemplating ravishing me senseless!”

Hannah felt her whole body going hot with embarrassment. Say it! Tell him! Her mind screamed at her.

“I was actually.” She blurted out.

Lucas’s jaw dropped. “You what?” He said.

Hannah closed her eyes and wished more than anything that she’d kept her big mouth shut and that the floor would open up and swallow her whole. Unable to speak she nodded and shrugged her shoulders. She opened her eyes again and looked up at him through her eyelashes, wary of his response.

“What – really?” He looked utterly floored.

“Well, only if you want to.” She stammered.

“Want to? Of course I want to!”

Hannah looked up at him in confusion. “But you said…”

Lucas smiled at her shyly. “I kind of changed my mind recently.” He admitted, going red himself.

“Wow.” Hannah breathed. “Molly said we’d know.”

“Molly? What’s this got to do with her?” he looked at her in amusement.

“Oh, well you know – I was confused and I talked to her – everyone else seemed to be already doing it and I felt like a freak because I didn’t feel ready.”

Lucas nodded. “I know what you mean – but we’re not freaks, Hannah – we just wanted to be sure, that’s all.”

Hannah smiled up at him. “You know something Lucas – I really love you.”

He grinned. “I really love you too, Hannah.”




Lucy sat in the corner of the room, trying her best to look inconspicuous. She was at the table she had occupied with the rest of the girls when they’d first arrived. Jake wasn’t allowed to go to the Prom, being in the year below. Lucy knew something someday was going to go wrong between them. He said he wasn’t bothered, but she knew he was – after all she was.

She had gotten ready a little reluctantly even though she had bought the most gorgeous dress. She looked stunning in the short strapless silver dress and had attracted a lot of admiring glances from the boys; still she thought miserably. The only one that matters isn’t even here!

She had realised almost as soon as they arrived and all of her friends hooked up with their boyfriends that it had been a huge mistake.

She sighed as she looked towards the dance floor. Everyone else was dancing with or chatting to, their boyfriends. She tried to swallow the lump in her throat as she thought about Jake, but it didn’t stop the tears forming in her eyes or the terrible ache in her heart. It so wasn’t fair that he couldn’t come – Hannah’s boyfriend wasn’t even at their school and yet because he was older, he was able to attend!

She checked the time on her mobile phone. Oh God, she thought, still three hours to go…

She noticed that she’d been left a message and checked it out.

“Hey babe – hope you have a great time tonight – missing you like crazy, love you, Jake xxx”

What am I doing? She thought. It’s Jake I want to be with…

She texted back. “What are you doing?”


“Come and fetch me – missing you like crazy too!”



“On my way!”

Lucy let out a huge sigh of relief. Joe Mason was passing and turned in surprise. “Are you okay Luce?”

Lucy looked up and smiled as she saw who it was. “Oh, hi Joe – yeah I’m fine – I’m about to go actually – Jake’s coming to meet me.”

Joe gave her a fake horror-struck look. “You mean you’re not waiting to see if you made Prom Queen?”

Lucy let out a snort of laughter. “Me? Are you kidding?”

Joe grinned. “I think I might leave early too – I’d much rather be with Sapphire than skulking around in corners trying not to watch the happy couples!”

Lucy rolled her eyes. “Oh, God – tell me about it!” She exclaimed with feeling. “I’ve felt like the table guard all night!”

Joe laughed. “Well, if you’re ditching, then so am I.” He fished out his mobile and dialled Sapphire’s number. “Hey, babe – I’m ditching this party – see you in half an hour?”

Lucy could just make out an excited shriek, which made her smile.

They both made their way to the hotel entrance. Lucy sat in the hotel foyer to wait for Jake and Joe bid her goodnight and set off for Sapphire’s house immediately.

Jake turned up after around five minutes had passed. He dashed up the steps and looked around for her. His eyes widening with admiration as he spotted her sat on one of the sofas and a broad smile lit up his face. He walked over to her.

“Hey, Lucy – you look absolutely stunning!”

Lucy looked up at him and smiled. “Thanks – you’re looking pretty hot yourself.” Jake had made an effort – he was wearing one of his best shirts over his dark jeans. He looked absolutely perfect to Lucy.

He grinned back at her. “Thanks – are you ready to go?”

She looked up and smiled. “Am I?” she breathed. “You betcha!”

“Come on then – Dad brought me, but I said he could go and we’d wander back via the cinema or the bowling alley or something – it’s still early.”

Lucy sighed contentedly. “You are the best boyfriend!” She said happily. “And I might not be dressed for it – but I’d absolutely love to go bowling!”

He pulled her to her feet and put his arms around her waist. “Then that’s where we’ll go.” He said and kissed her on the end of her nose.




Becky and Jamie were slow-dancing. It was the end of a perfect evening and she felt it was high time she confided in him about her fears for their future. “Jamie,” she murmured in his ear. “I need to talk to you about something.”

Jamie froze momentarily and looked at her slightly panicked. “What?” He immediately thought the worst, since their scare earlier in the year when she’d thought she was pregnant. Jamie hadn’t slept soundly for days back then.

She smiled at him. “Nothing terrible – just a bit...well can we go outside and I’ll tell you all about it.”

Jamie nodded and followed her through the crowded dance floor to the quieter area in the foyer.

“Go on then, babe –what’s the matter?”

“Dad’s got a job on Talent Spotters USA – we’ve got to go back to America.” Her lip wobbled and her voice cracked on the last word.

Jamie’s jaw dropped. He hadn’t been expecting that at all. “When?” He whispered.

“Next year – but Jamie – I don’t think I can stand it…”

He shook his head. Neither could he. But wait a minute – next year? That meant that he would have gotten all the way through 6th form – maybe he could even study his degree in America…

Jamie gathered her to him. “Well, let’s not worry about it right now – it’s our Prom night – let’s just enjoy it and worry about this another time, eh?”

Becky leaned against him and sniffed a little dolefully. She nodded. “I guess – maybe he’ll change his mind.”

“Yeah, he might.” Jamie brightened. “Has he actually agreed to take the job?”

Becky let out a shuddery sigh. “I’m not sure.” She admitted. “But I know he’s really keen on the idea.”

Jamie nodded and stroked her hair away from her face. “We’ll sort something out. Don’t worry.”

Becky smiled up at him. He was so wonderful. She allowed herself to believe that they could get something sorted out.

As for Jamie, the more he thought about the idea of going with her and studying in the USA, the happier he felt about the whole thing. He decided that he’d quite like to have a chat with her dad, Jon…




Rachel and Miles were sat at the quiet end of the party – where they always found they liked it best. It wasn’t that they were party-poopers – not at all – but they liked to be able to hear what each other were saying – since they were totally besotted with each other.

Rachel had kicked off her shoes and was sitting with her feet tucked up under her, leaning against Miles’ chest. Miles had his arm around her shoulder and was feeling like the luckiest guy in the room.

He glanced across at the dance floor where Emily was stood looking bored to tears whilst Jenson was chatting and laughing with one of his friends.

“Emily doesn’t look as if she’s having much of a night.” He commented.

Rachel looked up at him and then across the room to where he was looking. She frowned when she saw Emily looking so unhappy. “The creep – he’s such a jerk – well, she won’t hang around for long being ignored – she sits with Danny Brookes in Art – he’s very keen on her – and I saw them talking for about a second earlier – before Jenson noticed of course.”

“Of course.” Agreed Miles. He knew only too well what Jenson was like. Jenson had been jealous when Rachel and he had first hooked up – he knew that Rachel had fancied him before she realised that Miles was the one for her and had done everything he could to put her off Miles.

It hadn’t worked thankfully and that had been when he’d realised that Emily was the girl for him. It seemed he was losing interest again now though.

“She’d probably have had a better time if she’d come with Danny.” Rachel murmured.

“Yeah – no doubt.” Agreed Miles. He grinned down at Rachel and squeezed her shoulder affectionately. “I’m having the best time with you.”

“Me too.” She grinned up at him. “But then, I always do when I’m with you.”




Julia and Ben were on the dance floor. Julia had her head against his chest with her eyes closed, swaying to the music.

Ben had his arms wrapped around her tightly, hugging her to him. Perfect. He thought. Tonight has been perfect. Great music, great food, and I have the most amazing girlfriend ever. Are we too young to get married?

Julia opened her eyes suddenly. She’d had the strangest feeling suddenly. Like the world had just shifted on its axis. She suddenly had the most bizarre vision of herself in a floaty white dress with a veil and a bouquet.

Better not tell Ben. She thought, fighting the blush that was creeping up her face. Don’t want to freak him out and have him thinking I want to marry him – well not yet anyway…




Mr James the Art teacher took the stage at the end of the evening. “Ladies and Gentlemen.” He boomed grandly, his eyes twinkling merrily behind his glasses. “It is time to reveal the names of the Prom King and Queen!”

Everyone cheered.

“The Prom King is….Ben Scarlett! Come on Ben – come and claim your crown!” The crowd went wild with cheers and yells.

Ben blushed as red as could be as he went up to the stage.

“Speech, Speech, SPEECH, SPEECH!” The crowd started stamping their feet and clapping in unison.

Ben stood and laughed, waiting for them to quieten down.

“Um, well – thanks a million to everyone who voted for me!”

Mr James clapped along with the rest of the room and then it was time to announce the Prom Queen.

To nobody’s surprise the Prom Queen was announced as Becky Willis.

Becky shrieked with glee to have been picked and ran up the stage.

Most of the kids at the dance were familiar with Becky – all of the boys thought she was beautiful and most of the girls did too – she was utterly beautiful after all. Everyone was laughing at her outburst and was cheering her on.

“Oh, my God! This is sooooo cool!” She gushed. “I can’t tell you how exciting this is for me – I thought I would never have a Prom when I left America – I didn’t know you guys did it too! What can I say except the biggest thank you?”

Mr James chuckled as he placed her crown on her head, to tumultuous applause and she immediately jumped down from the stage and into the waiting arms of Jamie.

“You look absolutely perfect!” He said as he gathered her in for a kiss. He pulled away with a slightly dazed expression. “And I love you!”

“Oh, Jamie,” She breathed. “I love you too!”




The End…until the next one…



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