Friday, 10 June 2016

Revised release date!

“Watch it!” I swerved my bike sideways, narrowly missing the back wheel of the bike that had just cut me up.
The rider looked over his shoulder in surprise. “Should have been looking where you were going!” He retorted and sped off.
I frowned. That was that weirdo, Travis... I pedalled after him as fast as I could go. The cheeky git!
Unfortunately for Travis, the lights had just changed and I caught up with him. “Do you make a habit of just riding straight in front of someone then?” I yelled as I drew up next to him.
His eyes widened and he went a little pink. “Uh, no.” he shook his head, “Look, I’m sorry about that – I forgot to put my glasses on this morning and I honestly didn’t spot you until the last minute – and I uh, I didn’t really mean to snap at you – it’s kind of a defence mechanism I’ve got going on.”
I was a little taken aback by his upfront and blunt apology and bit back the retort I was about to give him about being a stupid bastard... “Oh, well forget it then, I guess.”
Travis smiled shyly and glanced at me sideways. I looked back at him with interest and was kind of relieved that I hadn’t chewed him out. He was far too pretty for that this close up – and far too vulnerable looking.
I took the time to study him. His hair was obviously longer than it looked and today it was pulled back in a ponytail. It was a warm chestnut colour when the sun shone on it and his eyes, I couldn’t help noticing, were the darkest blue I’d ever seen – and with the longest black eyelashes too. Wow. What was it about him that had my heartbeat quickening? I can honestly say that I hadn’t noticed the way anyone had looked since Sam. It made me feel kind of scared – not least for the fact that he was considered to be quite the freakiest kid in college...
He was dressed very similarly to me – skinny black jeans and a hoody. I was concerned that he hadn’t actually got a helmet on. Something I never went out without – since Sam was killed I’d gotten freakishly particular about my own personal safety. I frowned. He hadn’t even got gloves on – and interestingly, he had LOVE and HATE tattooed on his fingers... There was, quite clearly, a lot more to this guy than met the eye.
He was regarding me, still with a slight smile, and I found myself smiling back at him. “Shall we start again?” I asked with a grin, “My name is Roma – pleased to make your acquaintance!”

His shy smile spread across his face into a huge grin, showing the cutest dimples in each cheek. Wow. He was stunning. He stuck his hand out. “Travis.” He said. “Pleased to meet you too.”

New release date: 10th July 2016