Saturday, 24 October 2015

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I sat back down at the kitchen table, my fingers touching my lips where they’d been exploring Tom’s only moments before. I’d been in heaven for a moment there – a moment of pure lust… pure madness more like. I wondering if he’d come back…
After waiting for another half an hour I decided that actually he really wasn’t coming back and with disappointment flooding through me and making my legs feel like lead, I made my own way to bed. I crept past the boys’ room and closed my bedroom door as quietly as possible. Damn, it was gonna be a long night reliving that moment of blissful madness…
By morning I’d decided that the best thing all round would be to blank it all together. I didn’t want him feeling all embarrassed about it. He was drunk – people did stupid things when they were drunk – things they wouldn’t normally do. I told myself that it didn’t necessarily mean anything even though every cell in my body was hoping against hope that it really did mean something. In the end I decided that, all round, it would be better for me to pretend it had never happened and hope for the best…
Will Adams, Tomas... Enchanted Release date: 1st November 2015

Conner raised an eyebrow. “Did you do something stupid?” he asked with the ghost of a smile.
I nodded maintaining my no-eye-contact façade, “Yup,” I sighed.
He brightened and sat forward in his seat, “What? You mean… did you actually tell him?” he sounded pleased and incredulous all at the same time.
I rubbed my eyes and looked up at him sheepishly; I was never any good at the whole no-eye-contact thing anyway, “Yup,”
He looked hopefully at me, “And?” he asked with a hint of a smile.
I looked at the two eager faces before me. There wasn’t a trace of gleeful mickey taking in either of them. They both knew the way I’d felt about Skye back in school and sixth form – hell, sad git that I am, they knew that I’d never felt that way about anyone since too.
I shrugged, “He already knew,” I said. “He reckoned he looked for me to tell me he’d made a mistake but…” I trailed off.
“Well, why don’t you go over there and ask him to go out for a drink with you one night, then?” he nodded in the general direction of where I’d been stood talking to him.
I scratched my neck nervously, “I can’t do that – I’ll look all pathetic and needy.”
“I don’t want to knock your confidence, mate – but you are all pathetic and needy,” Biff leaned forward and patted me on the shoulder, “– we’ve been propping you up for years mate – it's almost Christmas, dude, just get laid already.” Biff had such a nice turn of phrase.
Dylan, Something Stupid...Release date 13th December 2015