Sunday, 17 May 2015

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Tomas caught me up on the way across the field. I glanced sideways at him. I was still a little annoyed with him, “What?”  I asked a little sharply.
He grimaced slightly at my tone. Tom had never liked being out of favour with anyone, “I just wanted you to know that I’d apologised to Will about the way I’d been behaving lately – and we’re good now.”
I couldn’t help smiling. “Well, I’m glad you two have made things up – it’s especially awkward being around the two of you when you’re not speaking to each other.”
He shrugged, his ears going a little pink, “Need a hand with the drinks?”
I nodded, “Yeah – and Tom.”
He raised his eyebrows questioningly, “Would you mind if I asked you to give Sawyer his drink.”
His lip curled up on one side in a cheeky grin, “You’ve got the hots for him, haven’t you?”
I shook my head, “I don’t exactly know what I feel about him if I’m honest, Tom – most of the time he does my head in.”
Tom chuckled, “Yeah, I know that feeling,” He muttered.

True; True...Love... Coming Soon

It had been raining for three weeks solid which made renovating the old house on the riverbank really difficult – particularly with it still being so early in the year. The ground hadn’t dried out from the winter so it was a mud pit really.
Still, we were all pitching in. Trey and Toby were totally into it and I was really enjoying working with Sawyer. He was a great guy and I’d liked him from the off. He was quiet and reserved; I got the feeling he had a story that he wasn’t ready to share yet. I also got the feeling that he really liked my sister but something was making him hold back. I wondered what it was.
Will had been noticeably absent for a few days and I’d tried not to be bothered, but it was difficult. Every time I heard the roar of a motorbike, I froze, listening for the drop in revs to turn into the lane. Time and again I was disappointed.
True reckoned he’d gone back to his flat for a few days, which was odd. He’d been sub-letting it for months so I had no idea why he was suddenly back there. I didn’t know why he’d left or whom he’d been with and I didn’t really want to know… He was back now and that was all that mattered. He’d just pulled into the driveway on his motorbike and had disappeared into the house. Damn he looked hot – even from this distance. I loved it when he turned up wearing his bike leathers. I swear – if we ever got together I’d have him wear them on dates.

Tomas; Tomas...Enchanted...coming soon

Okay – so my family isn’t perfect – whose is? But it’s a loving and wonderful family and I love every one of my brothers – I have three of them; my sister and my brothers in law.
I’m aware that we might appear dysfunctional. I’m aware that my relationship with my twin brother seems weird to some – but it’s what we are and they’ll just have to deal with it.

Oh, and to top off all of the madness – I’m in love with an actress – and of course she’s never going to want me – but there it is – ever since I saw the movie Captivated – I have been…

Toby; Toby... Captivated... Coming Soon...
“Are you freaking kidding me?”
Toby shook his head gleefully. “Nope.” He said with such a beaming smile I couldn’t help feeling all happy inside. I adored Toby. He made my life complete somehow. I really couldn’t imagine life without him but this was frankly weird – just because he was in love with the actress, Robyn Reece, didn’t mean I thought she was attractive too. I was pretty sure I was straight – I definitely fancied girls more than guys but having a gay brother made me wonder every now and then – I could appreciate a good looking guy but then – who couldn’t? I imagine most guys have had a little man-crush on another guy at some time or other in their life – mine was on David Beckham – yeah – now you understand... 
Apparently Robyn had a twin sister and I was of course – according to Toby – going to fall madly in love with her – and then introduce him to her sister and we were all going to live happily ever after... Like that was ever gonna happen. Where the hell was I gonna find the twin sister for starters – I grant you if I found her I’d do everything in my power to get her sister to meet Toby…

Trey: Trey.... Unbelievable... Coming soon 

I lay looking up at the ceiling – well, the inside of my tent anyway – can we call it the ceiling? Well, you know, whatever...
It was my twenty-fifth birthday party – me and the boys had gone on a weekend jaunt. Well, it was Friday night to Saturday actually – hardly a weekend away but it was long enough. I was kicking myself now that we were here and the alcohol was coursing through my veins and making me think too much.
I really should have taken the opportunity to have another go at putting things right between Madison and I instead. God, I missed her. I bit my lip hard. How the fuck was I going to survive this undercover thing with things the way they were between us? I squeezed my eyes shut and tried my best to ignore the noises coming from the tent next to mine.
My brother and my sister’s best mate were in there together. And yes, I do mean together, together. It had been inevitable that they’d admit their feeling for each other one day – ever since Tom first set eyes on him I saw a hunger there that just wasn’t apparent in him around girls.
So – me and the boys, my two youngest brothers Trey and Toby decided we’d give them a little push in the right direction – and totally set them up with each other.

Right now, though, I was rather wishing I’d taken the other tent – then I wouldn’t have to hear all the heavy petting going on… And yeah – damned right I was jealous – my girl was miles away from me with her new boyfriend and I couldn’t have felt more miserable about things.

Tatum; Tatum... Undercover... coming soon