Sunday, 1 February 2015

Clean Break.... Coming Summer 2015

“Um, excuse me?”
“I rolled my eyes heavenward and prayed for strength. What now? I’d broken down hours ago now. The sun had come up and everything was bathed in that lovely early morning glow.
I turned. A couple of teenage girls were stood looking at me nervously, “Are you Zayn Cassidy?”
I sighed. Oh God… “Who wants to know?” I asked suspiciously.
The taller of the two of them giggled, almost hysterically and my heart sank even lower – I was pretty vulnerable right now, here all on my own – if a million girl-fans were about to attack I’d be dead meat… “You are, aren’t you?”
I nodded nervously; really, with my hair all over the place and my guitar case on the back seat and my multiple piercings all on show – just who did I think I’d be kidding if I denied it? “Yeah, I am – and I’m in a bit of a fix right now, so if you’d excuse me.”
She shook her head vehemently, “My dad has a low loader; that’s why we stopped.” She pointed to a recovery wagon parked a little way up the road with his yellow lights flashing. It was the best thing that happened to me all night...
My heart lifted; I stared at her, my heart starting to thump, “Really?” I asked eagerly, “You’re really serious? He’ll really help me?”
She grinned and nodded, “I honestly never thought I’d be so delighted that my dad has his own garage and recovery service…”
I grinned at her; she seemed a very sweet kid. “You are an absolute life saver – what’s your name?”
“Robyn,” She beamed at me for being interested enough to ask, “Robyn Davies – of Davies Recoveries,” she nodded towards the truck where a guy who was presumably her father had got out and was dropping down the back of the truck to save me.
“Are the newspapers telling a bunch of lies about you?” her friend asked, “You really don’t seem like a lying, cheating…” she broke off as the taller one glared at her. I tried not to laugh at the girl who was trying her best to defend my virtue, “No – I’m really not a lying, cheating… whatever – I really love my girlfriend.”
They both sighed in unison, “That’s so romantic.” The first one said.
“Are you getting married?” Robyn asked.
I nodded, even though my heart sank a little as I thought about Maria and her frosty silence since our bust up – I damned well hoped she’d still marry me… “Sure am – as soon as we can.”
“I’d love to be your bridesmaid.” She breathed.

Okay, that was weird – I didn’t know these girls from Adam and as nice as it was to be rescued from the side of the road in the middle of nowhere – I wasn’t about to ask them to come to the wedding – well, not as bridesmaids anyway...

Zayn Cassidy.... Clean Break... Coming Summer 2015