Thursday, 3 July 2014

Since it's Summer - get all hot and sweaty with Zayn and Maria...

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“Ah, here she is at last, Maria – this is Cassidy.”
I’d been looking down, fiddling with the fastening on my handbag, which was a combination of nerves on my part and the fact that the damned fastening was always coming undone. I wasn’t so great at meeting new people and particularly when we’d kind of invited ourselves because Wesley had some tenuous relationship with the guy from a year ago.
Wesley was right in front of me, leaning against the worktop as I walked into the kitchen. Cassidy was to the right of him and I hadn’t noticed him standing there when I first walked in.
I caught sight of a black and white cat circling his legs and my eyes dropped to his bare feet first; all tanned by the sun and my belly flipped over – whether that was nerves or something else, I wasn’t quite sure. My eyes travelled up past his ankles and I registered that he had quite tanned legs too – with no visible white bits to show that he wore socks… wow; this guy was seriously hot.
He was wearing a pair of cut-off jeans and they were frayed a little at the bottom, reminding me strongly of Zayn – he’d always worn well-worn cut-offs too – well, he might not have worn them all of the time – but I’d never seen him wearing anything else.

I shook myself mentally and forced myself to stop ogling his body and to say hello. I eventually looked up into his face. My eyes widened as they met with his and I probably even gasped. He was regarding me with a polite smile; his lip ring glinting in the late afternoon sunshine streaming through the kitchen window. It also caught his hair, making it glow a glorious dark blonde. There was no mistaking him. It was Zayn…