Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Some Kind of Paradise... coming soon

Thought you might like a little snippet of my forthcoming book... (one of them, anyway...)

“So I’ve got two tickets, a hotel booked and no one to go with.” I heard Brooklyn’s deep sexy voice coming from the hall and I surreptitiously turned the volume on the TV down a little so I could eavesdrop a little easier. I glanced across at Grandma; she was fast asleep, her mouth hanging open a little and snoring on every other breath. I was safe.
Usually she would wake up the second I reached for the remote control that she kept on the side of her chair. Honestly – she was ten times worse than any man… Although to be fair, Dad’s out most of the time so that might be the reason.
It was two weeks later. My brother had told Brooklyn about his future wife’s infidelity and he’d confronted her.
She’d broken down and told him that she was in love with the other guy; that she’d been planning to tell him all along but had never found the right moment and had finally decided to marry him anyway.
How dare she? I fumed silently as I was sat trying to watch the TV but I was actually keeping tabs on everything being said in the hallway between Brooklyn and Steve. How dare she take him from me when she never really wanted him?
“So take someone else.” Steve said. Ooh, take me, take me! I thought.
“Wanna come?” he replied dolefully.
“I can’t get the time off work – what about Jamie?” Duh! What about me? Come on bro, think of your little sis! Don’t hate me, but I was really trying to communicate telepathically. I grant you, it was unlikely…
“He doesn’t fly, you know that.” Brooklyn sighed.
“What about Shortcake?” Oh. My. God – it worked.
“Madison?” He used my name, my real name…
“Yeah – she’s never doing anything much.” Well, thanks a bunch Mister…
My heart started beating at double time in my chest. What on Earth had gotten into my brother? Offering me to go – and what was all this ‘she’s never doing anything’ crap? I was a straight A student thanks very much in my second year at Uni, too – I was going to be working next year – already had my placement and everything – I started next month…

“Well, I guess I could ask her.”

Maddy, Some Kind of Paradise...