Friday, 17 January 2014

Coming Soon.... 

In fast moving water there is always the potential for injury or death by drowning or hitting objects; such water is often referred to as white water.
Danger can lie under the surface of such water and other factors work towards creating the dangers within… it’s a bit like falling in love…
“Hey, Dakota – got a minute?”
My brother turned to me with a slight frown, “What’s up?” he asked.
I took a deep breath; it was risky opening up and talking to Dakota about stuff like this – he was a merciless teaser at the best of times. “The Milestone sisters – noticed anything strange about them?”
“What? Apart from being the best looking girls in the whole of this town?” he grinned.
I grinned back, feeling slightly relieved; it wasn’t just me that had noticed them, then. I was safe to speak freely. “Well, as hard as I try to charm her, I still don’t think Sophie’s particularly impressed with me – and it could be wishful thinking on my part – but I swear I can hear her thoughts – and I thought – you know, being the way we were – we could only hear each other’s.”
He frowned. “We can only hear each other’s,” he stared at me, his eyes widening as he reached the same conclusion as I had, “– unless they’re…”
“Like us,” I nodded, staring back at him, “That was what I was thinking.”

Cody Conner