Friday, 22 November 2013

Coming Soon...The Third Daughter

Had another idea in the night - so look out for "The Third Daughter". It's about Amber; she's just a regular teenage girl until her 12th birthday when she goes to see her Great Grandmother in the old folks home for her hundredth birthday party which happens to be the same day - 22nd November.
Great Grandma holds her hand and tells her that she can go now that she's seen her and has passed on the knowledge.
Amber thinks the old lady is just a bit batty and smiles and wishes her a happy birthday.
Her Great Gran dies in the night and Amber wakes up the next morning to find an old book on her bedside table. She can open the book - but the pages are blank - however, she cannot move the book - it just won't budge...
Amber is the third daughter of the third daughter of the third daughter - and as words start to appear in the ancient book she realises that maybe Great Grandma wasn't so batty after all - may she was right and they were a pretty special family after all...