Saturday, 12 October 2013

The Secrets of Sebastian Valentine....coming soon

“I’ve got something to tell you that might cheer you up.” Darren grinned.
I raised an eyebrow but it hurt so I stopped immediately. “What?” I asked.
“I heard that one of the science geeks was interested in you,” He said looking gleeful, “And she’s smokin’!”
I rolled my eyes; I had no idea who any of the ‘science geeks’ as he called them, were and I wasn’t in the slightest bit interested either – the only girl I was interested in smiled at me yesterday and totally made my day – week even… “Yeah, right,” I scoffed, “Why would I be interested in someone like that?” Why would someone like that be interested in me, more like…?
“Duh!” he said, looking at me as if I was completely thick, “Because she’s smokin’!”