Sunday, 13 October 2013

Out Now! Like No Other

The pretty guy that I’d seen Lacey leaving with turned around; a frown on his otherwise completely perfect face. “Are you speaking to me?” he asked politely.
I frowned. Well obviously. “You’re Nathan, aren’t you?” I growled.
He gi...ggled. Actually giggled. I stared at him. What the hell was she screwing this big girl’s blouse for?
“No.” He said. “I most certainly am not. I’m David. Nathan’s my boss – now why don’t you take a seat, and I’ll go and fetch him for you.”
He wasn’t Nathan? “Well who the hell are you then – and why were you hanging all over my girlfriend the other night?”
David drew himself up and puffed out his chest. He looked down his nose at me imperiously and made me feel about as stupid as anyone could ever feel. “You must be Logan...”
Logan, Like No Other.............Out Now