Thursday, 29 August 2013

Some kind of Paradise...

Brooklyn was getting married to his childhood sweetheart Sandy.
I had mixed feelings about it – Brooklyn was my brother’s best friend and I’d always had a bit of a crush on him – but he was three years older than me and kind of out of my league – particularly with my brother breathing down his neck….
We’d always got on really well though – and there was that kiss in the garden on my brother’s eighteenth birthday… I’ll never forget that.
Anyway, of course I was invited – since my brother was to be the best man and I was on the one hand delighted to go – to share in the best day of his life – even if it was up there with the worst days of mine – Nana’s funeral… fluffy getting run over… Yes, I was in love with the groom; had been since I was thirteen and he was first brought round by my big brother after they met at college. This guy was the man of my dreams since then and I knew I’d be in love with him forever – and he was marrying someone else… bummer huh?

Madison Allbright; Some Kind of Paradise...coming soon....