Thursday, 9 May 2013

Can't wait to get them out there...

I'm really excitedly working on my new series at the moment. White Water is the first one in the series and focuses on Sophie and Cody.
Cody also has brothers, Dakota, Ethan, Genesis and Fabien - each of them have a story to tell too... and Sophie has a sister Dana - all of them are gifted one way or another.
The second book in the series is Phase 5, then Kallie's Secret and finally (or not) Only Human.
I'm guessing these will be out nearer to Autumn than any time soon - they're a follow on from the Stan Series; which goes in this order; Stan; Molly; Stan, Remember Me; Stan, New Beginnings.
Anyway, gotta go - off to the day job today - but tomorrow is mine, all mine - so you know where I'll be - in the conservatory with a long glass of water and my laptop... :)