Saturday, 26 May 2012

My laptop has died....

I am officially heart-broken. My laptop stopped working mid sentence on Thursday night with four word documents open and being worked on. Apparently the hard drive has failed and it is in the computer repair centre at the moment. He is hopeful that he will be able to recover my data but I'm terribly worried.
I'd been working on Highway to Society and Not your usual Hero, so neither of them were saved (backed up) to my memory stick. I was also making minor changes to Master and Genie and the Wolf Moon, so I'll have to try to remember what changes I'd made if any of them have been lost. I could cry! My laptop was only purhased on New Years Eve - totally unexpected!
Anyway...that's me out of writing for a few days, I hate writing at the main computer and this lovely little net book I'm using right now isn't big enough.... :(
Still, could be worse - at least the sun is shining!
Have a good day and I'll keep you posted....