Friday, 27 April 2012

release update

I'm nearing the end of Wolf Moon and hope to have this released by June 2012.
I will also be releasing The Genie and Master who loved him around this time too - it's going very well, but there's a long way to go just yet - I'm also trying to fit it around my Prom Specials and to weave in the next couple of books too.
On the historical romance front - I've got two or three in the offing. "The Duchess of Chittenden" will be my first one released - it's about Emilia and her disastrous marriage to the Duke of Chittenden, Isaac Wolseley.
The follow up to this book will be "Highway to Society" and is about Maisie Bywater - Emilia's younger sister. She falls in love with a highwayman - but he's not all he seems...
I've also three others dying to get out there to join the rest - it's a very exciting and busy time!
I'm having a ball!
Hope you're all happy and well - have a great weekend everybody!!!!
Lots of love, Heather xxx