Saturday, 17 March 2012

Seltham Community College Prom Night Special II

Just thought I'd let you know that I've just uploaded my second Prom Night Special over at Smashwords - and it's free again so you just need to go in and download yourself a copy onto your ereader!
Hope you like it - it's all about Sapphire and her year group - it's a taster really of what's to come in the next few books because we haven't even got to Prom night yet for her year in the one I'm currently working on - although it's given me some great plot lines!
I'm around a third of the way through the Genie and the Master at the moment, but I've been having a short break to concentrate on finishing this and also I'm working flat out on the Wolf Moon - things are getting really complicated in that one!
I'm having a blast writing it - can't wait to get it out there!

Anyway - that's enough about that - you know how much of a twitcher I am on the quiet...I've been for a walk this morning and I saw loads of birds! Here is my very exciting list - three (three!! I couldn't believe it!) yellow hammers (sooooo cute!) more than I could count of blue tits and great tits, two pied wagtails, a little group of long tailed tits, five magpies (all together) a group of Canadian geese, a group of mallards and a lonesome moorhen (poor thing!)
I'm very happy now!
Have yourself a very nice weekend and I'll write soon!