Friday, 20 January 2012

Prom night special for Seltham Community College series

I'm just in the process of writing a collection of short stories about various characters from the Seltham Community College, all set at the same Prom night. Each one of the stories intertwines with the others, and I'm just considering whether to publish it along with all the rest or to simply post it on my website...decisions, decisions!
Anyway, whilst I'm on the subject of my books, here's a little update for you:-
Chosen One - getting there (finally) I've got to do around another 15-20,000 words to finish this one properly. I've already written the end, it's the last about quarter of the story that I'm having trouble with!
The Wolf Moon - I've got to be honest, this one is going really slowly at the moment - I've been spending too much time on other stuff - I promise to get back to work on it as soon as Chosen One is finished!
Three Wishes - I've just not got around to this one for a looooonnnnngggg time! I will return...just not immediately...
Also I'm working on something totally unrelated to anything else too and that has been taking me away from my other projects a little too much recently.
So, here is my solemn promise...By the end of March I will have finished Chosen One and it will be out in April sometime.
The next Seltham Community College book will be out at around the same time and the Wolf Moon, I'm figuring will be out in June(ish).
There may be a couple of other books out too, but since these are the top secret ones, they may not.....!
Ha ha! How mysterious!