Saturday, 3 September 2011

I'm having a moan....

I was all excited about Muse being shown from Reading/Leeds Festival on BBC3 last week and set the recorder and everything. The Slot was for 2 and a half hours - 'brilliant' thought I 'all of the songs from the Origin of Symmetry live - bliss!'
But no. It was cut down to only an hour, there were only about 3 songs in that hour session that were actually from the OoS. Please don't get me wrong. I'm happy to have the hours worth of Muse (10 minutes worth is better than nothing!) but I felt that the BBC mislead the Muse fans!
Fearn Cotton said that we could get the full set on the Radio 1 Webpage. I excitedly tuned in last night - 40 minutes. Not even as much as I recorded myself.
It's no good - I'll have to go and see them again when they tour.
I'm disappointed with Muse too - they surely know that their fans would be delighted to have the full set and I think it's a little bit precious to have the BBC only show what they felt was their better performances.  They seem to have forgotten what they are doing it for...